KONE Elevator Call

Providing the ability for users to make remote lift calls conveniently via their smartphones.

Improve accessibility, people flow, and building hygiene by removing the need for users to touch lift call buttons.

Instead of using landing call buttons, users call a lift from anywhere in the building via the KONE Flow app on their smartphone

Add lift call functionalities to your smart building applications

With Elevator Call API, you can implement lift call-giving features in the applications of your choice. Through Elevator Call API, an application can execute lift calls and receive real-time data about the call and the assigned lift.

By integrating the elevator call functionality with a building visitor system, the lift can be called automatically to the right floor after a visitor sign-in. The API also allows making remote lift calls quickly and conveniently with a selected mobile application from anywhere in the building. With real-time data, app users can check when the lift is coming.

Elevator Call API uses WebSocket API protocol to enable communication between an application, KONE’s systems and equipment.

KONE Elevator Call

The KONE Elevator Call API is an IoT solution that allows building owners and operators to innovate, create, and leverage smart building applications, including remote elevator calls and traffic analytics.

Elevator call features

Landing call: a call that has only departure area and direction information

Destination call: a call that has both departure and destination area information

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KONE Elevator Call

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Static data

Building information: ID, area, number of floors served

KONE lift group information: lift type, name, location

KONE Elevator Call

Dynamic data

Lift location status: current floor, next stop, lift direction

Call single status: call created, approved, served, cancelled

Call insights: location of assigned lift, reason for call cancelation, estimated time to arrival

Passenger guidance: wait for car, enter car, stay inside car, exit car

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