Maintenance and Modernisation Solutions for Existing Buildings

Maintenance and Modernisation Solutions for Existing Buildings


Discover how KONE DX can evolve your building to increases its value, lifetime and attractiveness.


Connect for smoother people flow

With KONE DX a building steps into tomorrow without losing its identity and connection to the people. KONE DX makes sure “the new era” is not about technology but the personal experiences it enables. Your building has a soul. We give it an update.


Redefine the user experience

Transform your building with personalised, multisensory user experiences, new smart-building applications, and solutions that help to improve health and well-being.


Partner for smarter buildings

Tap into our expertise to create smoother, safer environments for working, visiting, and living.

See the new era of digitally enabled people flow for buildings of all ages.

Maintenance and Modernisation Solutions for Existing Buildings

Why choose KONE?

World-class service

Get professional, local service based on global expertise – wherever you are in the world.

Everything from one trusted supplier

We provide high-quality lifts and escalators for all kinds of buildings. Our maintenance and modernisation services ensure your equipment is reliable and safe to use.

KONE maintenance services

We’ve got you covered

We’ve got you covered

Whatever make or model your lifts and escalators are, our world-class service will keep them running safely and reliably.

KONE modernisation services


Lift modernisation

Looking to boost your lift’s reliability and eco-efficiency? Improve comfort and convenience, freshen up the look and feel? Bring it in line with modern safety and accessibility standards? We can help.


Escalator modernisation

Depending on your needs, we can replace the entire escalator or just individual components to keep everything running smoothly and reliably.


Solutions for buildings without a lift

Retrofitting a lift is a lot quicker and less disruptive than you might think. Adding a lift makes life easier for residents and adds value to your property.


Advanced people flow solutions

Integrate people-flow equipment and devices into a holistic smart-building solution to create a seamless user experience from front door to final destination.

Supporting you every step of the way

A properly maintained lift or escalator can stay in service for decades. We’re here to serve you every step of the way – throughout the entire life cycle of your equipment.


Keep your tenants happy

Our preventive maintenance services help to keep your tenants happy by making sure the equipment in your building is running at its best – regardless of brand or type. We start by getting a firm understanding of your site and equipment, then create a tailored maintenance plan to match.


Plan for the future

As a KONE service customer, you can easily keep track of your equipment’s condition and any maintenance activities. We offer thorough equipment assessments and planning support to help you eliminate unpleasant surprises related to performance, budgeting, and parts obsolescence. When it’s time to modernise, proper planning ensures your equipment continues to operate reliably, complies with the latest safety standards, and complements your building’s design.


Enhance your equipment

As time goes on, even the best equipment eventually needs care and attention that goes beyond regular maintenance because of things like wear and tear or changes in your building’s design or how it is used. Older equipment may use parts that are already, or will soon be, obsolete – leading to a risk of extended downtime.

With our flexible range of modernisation packages you can improve the safety, reliability, accessibility, and appearance of your equipment, as well as cut energy costs. If your equipment needs a completely fresh start you can choose full replacement to enjoy all the benefits of a brand new lift or escalator in the shortest possible time.

Maintenance and Modernisation Solutions for Existing Buildings

KONE’s health and well-being solutions

KONE’s health and well-being solutions

For a healthier and safer people flow in any environment.

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