Benefits of upgrades


Upgrading your lift’s electrification system, control system, and car lighting can significantly reduce the amount of energy it consumes. As well as making your lift more eco-efficient, these upgrades also cut your operating costs.


Lift performance can be greatly improved by modernising components like the control system and door operator. These upgrades improve reliability, levelling accuracy, waiting time, and accessibility.


Making sure lift passengers and maintenance personnel are safe is the number one priority. Upgrading components like the shaft and machine room lighting, the car overspeed governor, or the machinery guards will improve safety and help you better manage risk in your building.

Significant improvements with modular modernisation solutions

Lift controller upgrade

Updating your lift controller and the electrification system will improve its reliability, eco-efficiency, safety, and accessibility. Our quick-to-install modular modernisation solutions will have your lift back up and running in the shortest possible time. Lift renovation can also add connectivity that makes your lift smarter and more desirable – helping you to get more value out of every square metre with new services enabled by the KONE digital platform and KONE Partner Ecosystem.


Hoisting unit upgrade

Modular modernisation allows you to focus on upgrading the hoisting unit. The hoisting unit is the part of your lift that does most of the hard work, so upgrading worn, outdated machinery is vital to maintain safety and ride comfort. As part of your lift renovation, you can also update the lift control system to maximize the benefits of modular modernisation while opening the door to a wide range of elevator connectivity options from the KONE digital platform and the KONE Partner ecosystem.


Materials and accessories

Lift renovation allows you to upgrade your lift's interior with new signalisation, new wall and door materials and finishes, media screens, and much more.


Modular modernisation for doors

Adding a new automatic door to your lift with modular modernisation improves safety while our lightweight doors maximise space inside the car and are smooth and quiet.

  • Learn more about replacing lift doors, download related materials

Unsure of the modernisation solution you require?

Contact us to arrange a no-obligation site visit where our modernisation experts will take a closer look at your lift and recommend the best way forward.

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