Let’s create a tailor-made maintenance contract for you

Our maintenance services – for all lift, escalator and automatic door brands – include various essential and customisable options that will cover all your service needs, big or small.

KONE’s essential services cover all mandatory maintenance activities to meet your local regulations.


Our essential services cover all the basic maintenance activities for your equipment, including those that you must carry out in accordance with local legislation. They include the choice of maintenance method, management of mandatory equipment and inspection audits, options for access to our customer care centre, and the method of in-lift communication passengers use to communicate with KONE in the event of a breakdown or emergency.

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Tailor your KONE maintenance fully based on your precise needs with KONE Performance Service.


KONE Performance Services give you the possibility to tailor services and service levels to meet your precise needs. These services cover things like annual availability guarantees for your equipment, the service hours for our maintenance activities, response times for repairs and breakdowns, and service engineer availability. You can also define any additional services you might need, such as equipment cleaning and janitor services.

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Repairs and breakdowns

Repair and breakdown services cover situations like unplanned repairs and breakdowns. You can determine the service level from a wide range of options, including the number of yearly callouts, choose the components covered in your contract, as well as the coverage-level for repair costs. We also offer various repair packages, including limited cover for materials and labour costs.

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Communication and interactions

KONE Communication and Interaction services include options for our KONE Online digital service. The basic level includes access to maintenance and equipment performance data, while the highest level gives you the possibility to create fully customisable reports on all maintenance-related activities. With the KONE Mobile app you can receive notifications for ongoing maintenance work and view upcoming maintenance visits, and make service requests. We also have service options for consulting and training.

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Our maintenance services

These are some of our key services. Our service offering consists of various services and options to further customise your maintenance agreement to fit your needs.

  • KONE Preventive maintenance
    By systematically monitoring and maintaining your equipment, KONE’s preventive maintenance methods help solve problems even before they appear. We take care of your equipment according to an equipment- specific maintenance plan, based on for example its usage and age. This plan ensures that all individual components and systems are serviced at the right time and according to all relevant regulations.
    KONE Customer Care Centre 24/7/365
    You can select the level of service availability between the normal working hours and 24/7 service, or even opt for a VIP direct line option that provides you with a dedicated contact number and a fast-track handling of your service requests.
    KONE Voice Link: In-lift communication line
    KONE Voice Link is a two-way voice communication system that connects lift passengers directly to our Customer Care Centre in emergencies. We can see where the call is coming from, quickly dispatch a service engineer, and even contact the relevant local emergency services if needed.
    Audit and inspection consulting
    To meet your inspection service needs our engineer can be in attendance at any legally required inspection visits carried out by accredited third parties.
  • Breakdown cost coverage
    You can choose a fixed number of breakdown service visits that you want to cost-cover in your contract.

  • Response time
    Define the response time for situations where your equipment breaks down or requires the immediate attention of a KONE service engineer for some other reason.
  • KONE Online
    KONE Online puts equipment maintenance and performance data at your fingertips. You have access to performance, maintenance, breakdown, and repair data for your equipment. This makes planning and budgeting easier.
    KONE Mobile
    Our KONE Mobile application helps you stay up to date anywhere, any time. You'll receive notifications on your smartphone on equipment status, maintenance schedules, and progress of on-site work.

Let's build the perfect maintenance solution for your business

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